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Monday, July 9, 2007

July 7-8, 2007 Recap


This isn't a weekend I am doing an Interpretation of Moneytalk. Bob published his newsletter earlier in the week, and the shows that follow that usually are relatively bland as these were. Bob did show up, and here the highlights in bullet form:

1. Bob discussed the recent jobs report saying that the number of new jobs reported of 132,000 fell right in the "sweet spot." As for the stock market, it is now only about 1% from its all time highs.

2. Bob noted that the FOMC left interest rates alone, and predicted that they will remain unchanged at the August meeting.

3. Bob mentioned an auction of the Treasury Inflation Protected Securities next week. Here is a link to the TreasuryDirect auction web site:

4. Bob said he still likes GNMAs and expects them to trade in a range of $9.50-$10.50. If you can't handle the volatility, Bob suggested creating a laddered portfolio of CDs.

Finally of note, Bob got a mention by Mark Hulbert this week in an article where Mark analyzed the top market timers. Mark quoted from Bob's June Marketimer where Bob had wrote that he believes there is "no risk" of a bear market occurring this year. I referenced that quote in my June 9-10, 2007 newsletter. It bears noting that none of the other market timers are bearish right now and their average stock market exposure is 79% --- exactly the same as mine. Read Mark Hulbert's article entitled, "Top market-timing newsletters are still bullish" at this url:

See: Thursday, June 26, 2008 Bob Brinker Fan Club Market Update - DOW down 19%

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